Monday, August 13, 2012

Much needed time off

This last weekend we took a trip up to Idaho. My friend was having her baby blessed Sunday so we went up Friday night to stay with my inlaws. The kids adore my mother-in-law (because she spoils them rotten lol) so they always love to go see them, but the twins sleep horrible anywhere when we don't have 2 cribs for them. Friday night was awful with them, but we were lucky enough to talk my mother-in-law into watching all the kids Saturday night so Hubby and I could have a night away, oru first night with no kids in over 2 years. I always worry about leaving all the kids overnight, because they are a lot of work, and because of sneaky little Nathan who has no fear of running into busy roads. I almost wish I had some spy gadgets, like video cameras on each kid that I can check from my phone or computer lol. But all went well and Hubby and I enjoyed some much needed alone time.

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