Friday, July 27, 2012


Jason's birthday is coming up in a few months and one thing he has asked for is an Xbox 360. Now, normally something that expensive is never even considered. But... Hubby kind of wants an Xbox too lol. So he made a deal with the boys- if they do certain jobs every day they can each earn a dollar a day towards an Xbox. Jason's job is to clean the playroom and Jacob's is the living room and family room. So far it's going ok. Many days they whine and complain but still get it done eventually. They've only missed a few days so far. It has decreased some of the stress of getting them to clean, those some days I still end up so frustrated I feel like I'll need a holter monitor to track my heartrate so I don't give myself a heart attack. Getting kids to clean can be frustrating.

I think the main reason they want the Xbox is because when we were at Bear Lake, one of the condos had one and they played Monopoly on it a ton. Monopoly is now one of their new favorite games. So if we do get the Xbox I think we're going to have to find the Monopoly game to go with it.

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