Friday, July 27, 2012

My little boy band

When people find out I have 5 boys I get the funniest comments. Stuff like "your own basketball team!" (not with our short genes lol!) or "almost enough for a baseball team" and many other team related comments. A few months ago I got a new one, "they could be a boy band!" I thought that was funny. Sure, that would be cute, but probably not very likely. I started thinking about who would sing and who would play what instruments. Let's put Nathan on the keyboard, Jason on lead guitar, Caleb on bass guitar, Isaac gets the gretsch drums, and Jakey as lead singer. Perfect! LOL Though that would require them all learning and practicing those instruments, and I can't imagine the noise that would create in my house, especially drums! Kind of funny how people think having a group of kids means they should all end up doing some team or group thing together, they are still individuals. :)

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