Friday, July 27, 2012

My little garden

I have a teeny tiny garden. It's about 2'x12'. Barely big enough to grow much, and definitely not big enough to fit any garden gnomes in, but it's enough for me. Mostly because I'm a horrible gardener. I'm always surprised when I get anything from it, but I keep trying every year. The cherry tomato plants are doing pretty good, we've already eaten a few handfuls. And I've got lots of juliet tomatoes growing. But all the larger tomato varieties are just not producing anything. I have one black krim ripening but no other fruit on it, and the other two plants have had tons of flowers but not a single fruit. I think next year I'll just stick to the small varieties like cherry and roma. My yellow squash and zucchini plants are getting huge, and lots of flowers on the zucchini, but still nothing growing. While my neighbors have been getting enough to give away I still haven't gotten a single one. I must have planted a little late. The peas, which normally do ok, did awful this year. It just got too hot too fast with too little rain. I only got maybe 5 pea pods. And the beans are only just barely starting to get a few flowers and are very small, so I'm not expecting much there either. Hopefully next years garden does better.

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