Friday, May 13, 2011

To file or not to file

The other day we had to go through a bunch of EOBs and hospital bills from when we had the twins to see why we were being billed for something that should have already been paid and I was surprised at how many thre were! Seriously, having 2 babies makes lots of bills lol. And I never know whether it's ok to throw out stuff like that or not. I know my insurance has our claims online so those would be ok to throw out I guess, but how long should you keep hospital and doctor bills that are already taken care of? I wish I had one of those document management system things that has a scanner that copies important papers and saves them to your computer so you can shred them and get rid of all the clutter. We do have a scanner but it is soooo slow. Typically my filing goes like this: sort mail, put important stuff on counter, when the pile is overwhelming sort again and put stuff to keep in mail holder on desk, when that gets too full sort again and take the remaining stuff down to the office where it sits until the pile gets overwhelming and Hubby shreds or files stuff. Not very efficient.

So my brain is really tired and it's taken me a while to post this and I completely forgot if I was actually going anywhere with this post so I'm going to end it before it gets incoherent lol. Need sleep!

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