Sunday, May 01, 2011

Sew cute

Here's a few more crafty things I have recently made. The first is a cute little purse I made for my little sister for her birthday.It turned out really well and was easier than it looks, even with adding piping. I want to make a bigger one for myself now.

And then I used our Miracle Blanket swaddler to make a similar blanket. It was super easy to make, though I ran out of bias tape so I need to get more for the top edge.I made it longer than the original Miracle Blanket, and the arm flaps a little shorter. I actually used an ugly old maternity shirt for the material. My mother-in-law brought me some material this weekend and I think I will make another from some of that.

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akshikabhagat said...

I was just searching about miracle blanket and saw your post. In india, i dont know where i can buy this blanket. Would u please at least send me the dimensions or any rough idea about its size and shape?that would be of real help to me. Pl email me on my id
I appreciate your help.