Monday, January 03, 2011

Winter is no fun

Winter has officially hit hard here. The last week the temperature has been so cold and we got quite a bit of snow right after Christmas. It's not so bad when you can stay inside, but if you have to go out it stinks. I have to take the boys to and from school and I hate it. In the morning I just walk Jason across the road then go back to the house and watch him from the porch until he gets to school (so nice that the school is across the street!), but I actually have to go all the way over there to pick him up when he's done. Normally I take the stroller with the other boys, but now that there's snow it's hard to push it through the snow so I have to just walk and keep good hold of them. Makes me want some muck boots for wading through the slushy streets and sidewalks. And they don't keep the sidewalk in front of the school shoveled very well either. Going to be even harder with 2 babies to take along. It's actually easier to take Jakey to and from school because I drive him and the teachers come out and get the kids and bring them back out so I don't have to worry about coats and hats and stuff for the other kids and just wait for them. I enjoyed having them out for winter break so I didn't have to worry about taking them out at all lol.

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