Monday, January 03, 2011

So close and yet so far

I can't believe how completely exhausted I am. Twin pregnancy is definitely much harder than a singleton. I'm 35.5 weeks and just completely done. I can't sleep because I hurt all over and have to wake up every hour or two to go to the bathroom and switch sides. Very few clothes fit, even my larger maternity clothes. I wish I had some large scrubs uniforms because those look pretty comfy. Mostly I live in my yoga pants and a few large pj shirts, I don't like having to put on regular maternity shirts unless I'm going somewhere. I'm taking daily baths now to help with how achey I am. Luckily Hubby has been so great and understanding and helps out a ton. I just need to hold out a few more weeks at the most.

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charlottehackberry said...

Hang in there!! I'll come over and help out if you need me to on weekends :) (I'd do it every day but just switched to full time school now)