Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why we don't have nice things

Do you ever just sit and wonder why kids do the things they do? I do. And I just have no answers. I'm pretty sure kids just don't think at all about what they are doing lol. A few days ago the kids were being awful for me and I was just tired of it. I finally got to sit for a few minutes while dinner was heating up and Jakey comes upstairs with a huge hole in his shirt. He said Jason did it so we called for Jason to come upstairs but he wasn't. So I go down and find him struggling to take off his shirt, probably so he could hide it. He had cut out the whole front of the shirt. I was soooo mad. He ended up going to bed with no dinner and they were both grounded from the playroom the next day so they had to stay upstairs where I could keep an eye on them. I just don't know what they were thinking. Makes me glad that we keep more expensive breakable stuff out of their reach so it doesn't get destroyed. Like our big TV. We have it on a tv mounts on the wall because it would get so dirty when we had it on a stand from the kids touching it with yucky hands. And I was always afraid they'd manage to knock it off and hurt themselves or break it. It's just really hard to keep nice things nice with little kids lol.

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