Sunday, December 12, 2010


One of the biggest reasons we moved here a few years ago was because the company Hubby works for offers really cheap health insurance. Seriously. There is no deductible, no monthly premiums, and a low out of pocket max (I think $1000 individual or $2000 family). So when they started talking about changing their health insurance for the coming year we were a bit upset and worried that our costs would go way up. Luckily the company has come up with a plan that will basically cost the same overall. It's a high-deductible plan with HSA, but the company saved so much by switching to that plan that they are reimbursing the employees for the deductible and we just have to make up the difference of $1000 to reach the out of pocket max. It's still confusing having to get used to how the new plan works, but I'm happy they were able to come up with something that still provides great benefits for the employees. We feel very blessed to have such good health insurance.

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