Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wanna Get Away

Have I mentioned how much I hate Winter? I'm pretty sure I have. I love the holidays and that it stays darker longer so it's easier to sleep, but I do not like the cold. The hardest thing for me is that at night the air is so dry from the heater being on that I get stuffed up and a sore throat and always end up with a cold that lasts all Winter. Unfortunately that cold has started this week. I even got out my humidifier and it's only helped a little. This time of year I always wish I lived in a warmer climate, or at least could go on a little vacation. A trip to Disney World would be nice right about now. Except of course the cost. Either flying and looking up miami car rentals or driving the whole way would really add up. Plus hotel and theme park costs. A winter trip to Cancun would be nice too. When we went 4 years ago (has it really been that long?!) we went end of January and it was perfect. A girl in one of my classes this semester is in Cancun right now and I'm so jealous. Of course if we did that I'd want to go with no kids and just relax, and with the babies coming a kid-free vacation probably won't be happening any time soon lol. We are thinking of planning a cruise for our 10 year anniversary in a few years, that would be great.

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