Saturday, September 04, 2010


I am so happy that our vacation to Bear Lake is coming up soon! We really need it. It'll be so nice to get away for 5 days and just have fun and relax. We don't get to take vacations very often, so our yearly Bear Lake trip is always looked forward to with much anticipation. One of these days I want to plan a big family vacation to somewhere further away. I've told Hubby that I'd love to go somewhere back East. He spent 2 years in West Virginia and Virginia and has told me how beautiful it is over there. And I have a lot of friends that go to places like Outer Banks, NC and say how amazing it is. It's funny, they would always call it OBX and it took me soo long to realize they were saying Outer Banks.
There is an amazing house by Carolina Designs that would make a perfect vacation spot for my family. It's right by the beach and the house itself is a big 5 bedroom place that even had a pool table, game room, private pool, and so much more. It looks amazing and would be so much fun. We could even invite more family to come with us because there is plenty of room for everyone. It would be so fun to take my boys to the ocean, since we live in a land-locked state they haven't ever seen it. A fun vacation to Outer Banks would be just what we need!

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Alison said...

I just realized that OBX stood for Outer Banks the other day, too! Seems like most of my East Coast friends vacation there, and I just barely put it together. LOL! Enjoy your vacation!