Saturday, September 18, 2010

Most Asked Questions

I have been getting so many questions and comments from people when they find out if we are having twins. Here's a few of the things I hear the most:

"You are going to have your hands full!" Especially when they see I already have 3 little boys. Yes, thank you, I realize that it will be a lot to handle, but I'll do it. Because that's what moms do, we take what we get and make it work.

"Are they identical?"
Short answer- we won't know until after they are born. Long answer- the only way to know for sure if they are identical would be if they shared the same sack (mo/mo) and/or placenta (mo/di) and the only way to know for sure if they are fraternal is if they are boy/girl. My boys have separate sacks and unsure on if the placenta is shared. After a certain point placentas can fuse together to appear shared when they are really separate. If we'd had an ultrasound earlier on we would know but by this point they can't know for sure so they just assume they have separate placentas (di/di). In the case of di/di twins there is about a 25% chance they are identical which can only be found out with dna testing after birth or if they look quite obviously different we'd know they weren't.

"So glad it's not me!" Well, I know it's not what we planned, but I am glad it is me! God chose to send me two little blessings and I assume he knew what he was doing and that I could handle it. I feel very blessed.

"So, will you need a c-section?" This is one of those things that we just have to wait and see how things are going. If Baby A is head down at delivery time and I am having no other complications necessitating a c-section, then I will be able to try a normal delivery. But I know the chances of needing a c-section, with twins and 2 c-sections already under my belt, is pretty high and I'm prepared for that outcome if necessary.

"Are you going to be done?" This one always annoys me because the size of my family is between me, Hubby, and God. If I say yes they feel bad that I only have boys, and if I say no they think we are insane. Personally, I do not feel like these will be my last. But when we have more and how many is yet to be determined.

"Your belly is so small!" This is often said by people who don't know how far along I am and/or don't know how small I am normally. For me at 20wks I am pretty big.

I've heard lots of other twin comments but these are the most frequent. And from what I hear from other twin moms the comments just get crazier after the babies are born lol. I'm so glad for the Internet where I can connect with other moms of twins to get advice. I can remember stuff from my singleton pregnancies and deliveries like what to pack for the hospital, needing natural diuretics after the delivery, breastfeeding, etc. But when it comes to what I should expect with twins it's a whole new world. I've been looking up the best double strollers, how to fit 5 carseats/boosters into our minivan (not as easy as you'd think!), how to tandem nurse, and so much more. I can't imagine figuring out all that without the wealth of info I can get online from so many other moms going through it.


Melissa said...

I am so excited for you. I loved growing up with a twin sister.

Michelle said...

I've said some things that were similar. I'm sorry if it bothered you. :( I really am excited for you and Nate and don't think anyone else could do a better job. *hugs*

Kara said...

Comments from friends don't bother me Michelle :D When it's people I don't know well or at all, then it gets annoying lol.