Thursday, September 02, 2010

Bedtime yet?

Today is just one of those days were I wish I were still in bed. It hasn't been a bad day, I'm just exhausted! I didn't sleep well last night (I'll tell you why in a minute) plus I had an appointment this morning, extra kids this afternoon, and homework to do. I have to write a rough draft for my English class. I really really have never liked writing papers. This paper is a "reflection" paper, basically we think of a memory, picture, item whatever and write about it. So if you have fond memories of your grandpa sitting in a porch swing smoking Backwoods cigars or something like that, that's something you could write on. It's actually not too hard. In about half an hour I have a little over 2 pages. It has to be 3-3.5 pages so I'm pretty close. And at least it's not due until Saturday so I have time to do some revising (it needs a lot of work) and fleshing out. I had some great ideas for the paper, but of course I never wrote them down and now can't remember all of them lol. Hopefully a few comes back to me or I am at least able to provide more details on the stuff I already have. And I'm happy it's just a rough draft that's due, not a completely finished paper.

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