Friday, March 05, 2010

Renovations have started

I'm so excited our tile is being laid now! And the concrete guys came and fixed our family room floor this morning (it was sunk a bit in one area). A few spots need ground down a bit, which our tile guy says he can do for us, and Hubby is filling the cracks with some cement crack sealer stuff. Our front entryway is already looking great, just needs grout, and tile is going down in the hall bathroom. We are currently showerless because both upstairs bathrooms have the toilets removed and sitting in the shower. Good thing we have a half bath on the main level, just have to go without a shower for a few days, good thing I got one in this morning. It's quite a bit of work going on here, but easier than long distance moving. And hopefully we can get all the tile done by next weekend so we can get the new carpet in. It's going to look sooo nice! I'll be posting the before and after pics and soon as everything is done.

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