Friday, March 26, 2010

Good idea to make sure you have ALL the ingredients first

Ugh, so I was planning to make some more cinnamon-sugar bread today, but I screwed up. I forgot I don't have enough yeast! So all the rest of the ingredients are sitting in the bread machine ready to go with no yeast. After the baby wakes up from his nap I'll have to pack up all the kids and go out in the cold to make a quick trip to the bank and WalMart to pick up some yeast, cuz I want my bread! The weather has been so up and down. Even today it keeps going from sunny to snowing over and over and it's driving me nuts. I hate being cold. My feet are freezing and the laptop fan makes me feel like a Minka Aire fan is blowing on me, so I'm going to get off before I freeze lol.

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