Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Baby vs Phone

So, I'm pretty sure my baby has it out for my cell phone. On Saturday morning I left a glass of water on the coffee table while I went out and Hubby stayed home with the boys. I came home to a dripping phone and Hubby told me the baby had dunked it. We were in a hurry to go up to Idaho for the weekend so I threw it in a baggy of rice and off we went. It still wasn't working the next day so I thought it was a goner. Luckily Monday morning it started working again. Just one day later guess what happened? Yep. *SPLASH!* I turned my back for one minute and my phone took another swim. It's sitting in a bag of rice again, not working yet. I'm really hoping it starts working again. I'm using an old phone we had lying around for a backup, but all my numbers are on my phone! We are planning to get new phones soon, once we get our new carpet paid off, but that's a few months down the road and I'd like my phone to work until then.


Unknown said...

Ugh that sucks so bad to have your phone dunked--- and twice at that! the bag of rice sounds like a good trick though!

Melissa said...

Babies are so fast!