Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I can't remember if I mentioned it here or not, but Hubby's work is currently doing a health contest where the people who earn enough points are entered into a drawing to win a cruise. The employees spouses can also participate. So I'm doing what I can to help earn us some points. I'm drinking a lot more water to get my 64oz a day, which I've done pretty good at. I also am trying to eat more fruits and veggies. I should also be exercising, but I haven't been (except all the hours moving furniture and ripping out carpet last week, I counted that!). The hardest thing though is not eating candy. Each day we don't eat candy (including cookies, cake, etc) we get to check off a box and once we get 30 we get points. Well, in a month I have only checked off 4 boxes. Yeah, sad. So I'm doing the body fat loss contest they are doing for the next 2 months to get more points. Although I don't need to lose weight, I do need to lose fat. I've let my muscles disappear and be replaced by fat. Hubby is also doing it, and he could lose a couple pounds if he wanted. He's not fat, he doesn't need the best diet pills for men or anything like that, but he has put on a little bit of weight in the last year to the point where he is technically slightly overweight (not that you'd notice at all). Anyway, both of us could probably do with a bit more exercising. I've been meaning to get out my Slim in 6 DVDs and use them, but can't get up early to do them, can't do it during the day while taking care of kids, and am too tired to do it at night. I should make it a bigger priority though.

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