Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Boy, it really feels later than 9:30. I need to make myself get to bed earlier. Everyone but me and my sister are asleep already. I just wish I could fall asleep as easily and deeply and Hubby and Jason.

I hope I feel more rested tomorrow so I can get more of my to-do list done. I really want to get the playroom and office cleaned up. It looks like a bomb went off down there. I'm tempted to just throw away all the toys. The boys don't really play with them, just dump them out all over the place, then it is such a mess there is no room to play anyway.

Oh well, I am going to bed now and not going to think about all I didn't get done. :P


Michelle said...

Some days are like that. You're still recovering, so I wouldn't worry about being too productive!

Whitney said...

I feel the same way about my kids playroom. The toys are just dumped out and they are missing parts and whatnot. Time to clean house I say! hee hee

Ari from said...

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