Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Really need a nap

Well, I did get a load of dishes done today. So far that's it. I'm hoping when Hubby gets home he'll help me clean up the family room. Jason and Jakey have been driving me crazy today. Making messes and disobeying and just not listening. And of course the usually do it while I'm busy nursing so I can't get up to do anything about it. Good thing they are so cute and I have an adorable baby that I can look at and cuddle to calm down. :) Now I need to go get dinner going. I think I'll make french toast, that sounds yummy.


Beth said...

Oh man, your little guy is SOOOO cute!

Don't feel bad about not getting those chores done (I saw your list and was floored, 'cause that's longer than mine, and I didn't just have a newborn baby or a c-section! That excuses you for at LEAST a month!)

Hope you can get some rest and enjoy that sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

He is just so adorable I could eat him up! I can so relate to needing a nap too!