Monday, December 08, 2008

Monday Madness

Wow, time is just slipping by so quickly. It's not like me to not post for 5 days! I've been busy with the baby and the craziness of the holidays.

Friday Hubby and I (and Nathan) went to Hubby's work Christmas party. It was fun and Nathan was good for most of it, just got fussy a little and when it was time to leave he was screaming.

Saturday Hubby went and picked out our Christmas tree (I let him do it alone cuz he always picks such nice ones) and we decorated it yesterday. It was funny watching the boys decorate the tree, they kept just clumping things together on the bottom branches. We let them do it as they pleased and then we just evened it out later.

We also had Nathan's baby blessing at church yesterday so we had lots of family and friends over. We came home and ate and chatted after. It was good to see everyone. Nathan looked so cute dressed in his little white tux that Hubby picked out. I will have to post a picture sometime.

Agh, I just realized I still haven't posted Halloween pictures either lol. Kind of got distracted by having a baby lol. I may or may not ever get them posted.

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