Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playroom = mess room

Getting my boys to clean up their messes is so difficult. There are some chores they like to do, like dishes or vacuuming, but picking up their toys is just asking too much. We try bribes, threats, games, etc but it is just a huge headache. By the end of the day we are grumpy, it's still a mess, and I feel like I need some migraine treatment like a big glass of Mtn Dew and some chocolate lol. If we have them clean together they just play and make more mess, and if we split them up at least they slowly make some headway but it's veeeery slow. They have been doing better at doing chores ever since we set up a system where they earn minutes on the computer, but the playroom still remains the one room they refuse to clean up without a fight. Good thing it's in the basement where most people don't see it lol.

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