Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clean up on all aisles

Over 7 years as a parent and it still amazes me how quickly kids make messes. You can spend hours getting one room spotless and shining, and in the meantime they are destroying every other room. The destruction increases exponentially with each added child. And it's hopeless to even try cleaning a room the children currently occupy. Most of my cleaning gets done when the older 2 are in school, the twins are napping, and the 3yr old is either napping or at preschool. I definitely can't do dishes when the babies are awake because they want to help. It would be great to have something like cleaning services cary nc to help me out. The only time we get it really nicely clean is when people are coming over lol. I've joked that I need to invite people over every day, then I'd have to clean more. I'm working on getting the older boys to learn how to do stuff to help. They like vacuuming. They aren't very good at it but I let them anyway while they like it lol. They also love to help me with dishes. Hopefully with them helping more I'll be able to stay on top of things better.

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