Friday, February 17, 2012

Maybe soon

I know I keep promising to post some pictures and updates from the last few months and I just keep forgetting. My poor neglected blog. I will try to make that a priority this weekend. My mother-in-law is here so maybe while she entertains the kids tomorrow or Sunday I will do some updates. I also have another review and giveaway to do that I keep forgetting. I even almost forgot to pa electricity and internet and other bills this month. My brain just seems to be really mushy. I blame calculus. I don't think I've worked my brain that hard for years! Oh, but at least I got an 85% on my first test, which was so much better than I was expecting. My goal is to just pass with a C or better, but if I could manage a B that would be awesome. An A would be really pushing it lol.

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