Sunday, July 10, 2011

Take-along car/crayon pouch

I made these little car/crayon holders for the boys a few months ago. I figured they would be perfect for traveling and church. The boys love them. I do need to modify the design a bit the next time I make them though, the car and crayons kept falling out so they need some king of flap or pocket or something to keep each side closed while the other is in use.

I've been trying to think of stuff I can start making for Christmas presents this year. Most of the suggestions I see are stuff like pot holders, carrying bags for yoga mats, placemats, etc. Those are nice but I want something a little more special. Maybe dresses or cute outfits for the nieces and a crayon roll for my nephew. I saw a tutorial for a really cute quilted tree skirt, but not sure if that's something people need (though I may make one for myself!). At least I still have a few months to think on it lol.

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