Saturday, July 09, 2011

Canyons and lakes

Last month when we went to Bear Lake we took my youngest sister. It was fun to have someone to talk with on the trip since I was driving alone with the boys and Hubby was coming up after work. Part of the trip is through a long winding canyon. It's beautiful, but not for weak stomachs. I remember going through it when I was pregnant with Jacob and I had to keep my eyes closed and breathe slowly the whole way to keep from throwing up, that was awful. But when you come around that final curve of the mountains and see the beautiful blue lake spread out below it's amazing. And I love the tiny town of Garden City and how slow and peaceful it seems. I wouldn't want to live there though. The winters get very cold and snowy and that canyon often gets closed, even if you have snow chains for trucks you would have to take the long way around up through Idaho. But it's a great place to visit in the summer. The lake was super high this year, the beach was completely submerged, so we didn't get to play in the lake but enjoyed the playground, pool, mini golf, and everything else at the condo. The weather was just perfect too.

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