Sunday, March 06, 2011


Today we had our babies blessed. In our church we bless newborn babies, giving them their name and a blessing specifically for them. It was fun to do it with the twins and have to pass one off for the other lol. We had tons of family and friends come for it which was wonderful. After the meeting we came home and had a luncheon for everyone. There were around 40 people here and we had just enough food. So great to get to visit with everyone. It does get a little warm inside when so many people are here, though it wasn't hot enough to need monte carlo fans or anything. I think enough people were going in and out that the cold air from outside kept it cool enough. Everyone has left now (except my little sis who's spending the night) and it's so quiet. I'll get some pics posted of the babies in their cute little blessing suits, they are adorable.

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Bobbi & Noe said...

LOL Thanks for helping me out with the computer! It was so simple and totally embarrassing. LOL Well, at least I know for next time!

Your boys are adorable!