Saturday, February 19, 2011

Switched to Netflix

A few weeks ago we decided to cut off our cable tv service. We only watched a few of the hundreds of channels plus our cable provider was raising their rates by almost double what we had been paying. So no more cable tv for us. We still get digital broadcast tv though. We decided to get Netflix and so far we love it. There are tons of tv shows and movies that we can watch anytime on the computer or streamed through our Wii. Plus we get 1 DVD at a time so we've been getting movies that we didn't get a chance to see in theaters. The best part though is no commercials! It's weird not to hear about new tv shows, the most popular diet pills, and fast food restaurants. Now we can just watch a whole show uninterrupted. The boys really love it and have learned how to connect on our Wii and find the kid shows. We just watched Iron Man 2 and right now we are watching Scooby Doo before bed.

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Michelle said...

We just got Netflix too and it's been fun. I agree that the no commercials is wonderful!