Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brain too full, stuff getting lost

I feel bad that I don't take a lot of pictures of my older boys these days. I have a bunch of the babies but only a couple of my other boys. This cute pic was taken this week when I was dropping Jakey off at school. Besides his adorable brown eyes what do you notice? Messy hair. Evidently I have too much going through my mind (diapers, feeding kids, remembering to feed myself, fore factor reviews to get in shape, laundry, dishes, etc) that I forget important stuff like that. Good thing he's so cute so he can get away with a little messy hair. At least I didn't forget to make sure he had shoes on like one day last week. (And, yes, I sent him in without his shoes, wasn't going to take 20mins to go home and back for them.)

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