Friday, February 04, 2011

Family pics

OK, here's a link to the family pictures we had taken when the babies were a week old: Family pics
They turned out so great! Now we just need to get some frames for the prints we ordered so we can get them hung up.

It's been so long since we actually printed out any pictures. I think the last time was 2 years ago, Hubby printed a bunch out to frame for a Christmas gift to me. So it's way past time to put up new ones. I haven't even updated the SD card in our digital frame in that long. I'd love to have a photo printer again. Of course then I'd need to look up where to buy discount office supplies to get ink and photo paper. It might just be cheaper to have them printed somewhere, but it would be more convenient to do it at home.

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Promotional Pens said...

I just love digital picture frames... you can display so many photos and change them whenever. However, there's still nothing like a good photo print, framed and on display.