Saturday, May 01, 2010

Something about floors

I wish I could keep my kitchen clean for more than a few hours. Every time I get it looking really nice we have to eat again and it gets messed up way too quickly. Of course the same goes for every part of the house lol, especially now that little Nathan can open most of the doors. My bathroom is no longer safe from him. He likes to go in there and grab Hubby's electric toothbrush and carry it around. Yesterday I went in and found a candle stuck in the toilet. I didn't have one of those fish pond filter things for fish tanks, those green net thingies, so I had to reach in pull it out myself, yuck. I scrubbed my hands good after that. At least our family room remains clean most of the time. We allow very few toys upstairs, they have to stay in the playroom, so we only have some baby toys in a bin and it's easy to throw them back in to clean up the room. The kitchen floor doesn't stay as clean though. Ugh, it gets so yucky, especially around the high chair and the kids' table. Right now it's covered in cereal and mac n cheese but I'm not sure I want to bother sweeping before dinner and the next round of food meets the floor lol.

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