Saturday, May 01, 2010

April showers bring... April snow?!

Oh, have a mentioned the snow we got this week?! Yep, the end of April came with a nice cold storm and snow. Grr. I had to cover up all my tomato plants so they wouldn't freeze. Plus I know I've mentioned many times how much I hate cold and snow lol. Luckily it should warm up again next week. I definitely will never have a need for a Boston job search because I've heard they get worse cold and snow there, so that's out, even though I'd love to visit there one day. Preferably when it's warm. When I'm old I'm definitely going to be one of those people who goes south for the winter lol. I will try to remember to get a picture of the snow we got yesterday. It really wasn't a lot, just more than I want at this time of year.

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