Sunday, January 10, 2010

Western Governors University

For many moms like me, it can be hard to go back to school after you've had kids. I've been meaning to go back, and probably will be this fall. The reason I can do this is online courses. The invention of online courses is the best thing ever for busy people and moms. Western Governors University is an online university accredited by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities. They provide excellent education opportunities that can be completed at your own pace. They have flat-rate tuition for each semester, something I've never heard of, so you can take as many courses as you want without incurring extra expenses. Plus if you've already had some training or experience you can take assessments as soon as you feel ready to complete your schooling faster. WGU sounds like an excellent way to get an online mba, nursing degree, and many other degrees and programs. So don't let your busy schedule keep you from going back to school and getting a degree, with WGU's flexible online education you can get finished at your own pace.

*This was a paid review, I was compensated for giving my honest opinion.*

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