Monday, January 04, 2010


I don't know if I mentioned what I got for Christmas or not, hm looks like not. Hubby was very thoughtful with my gifts, as always. He bought me a piano bench and keyboard stand so I can actually have my keyboard out, which means it will get played more than once a year! I love it! Another gift I love is a gift card to Kohl's. He knows it's hard for me to buy things I need for myself, like clothes, so he got me a gift card. I took a few hours all by myself to go shopping and picked out 6 great shirts, and I still have some money left on the card, I may use it for a pair of pants. The boys got some toys, clothes, and a few other things they are enjoying, like a race car track and Glow Station. I got Hubby a shredder and digital picture frame and ladder, things he's been wanting, as well as the 3 seasons of The IT Crowd. Nothing really fancy like Backwoods cigars (we don't smoke anyway), but it was a really great Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you had a great Christmas.Ours was not bad either. Angelica got the very thing she asked Santa for and that was s sick doll put out by little mommy. Brittany got a Nintendo ds that she plays constantly. Aaron got a Nintendo ds as well. Jerry got a tom tom gps and the new multi tool put out by Black and Decker. I got a new digital camera and a tom tom gps. we had a great Christmas as well. Daisy