Sunday, April 12, 2009


"Because of the Savior’s resurrection we will overcome death and become the beneficiaries of His mercy and grace. In a world of trouble and uncertainty, His peace fills our hearts and eases our minds."
- LDS First Presidency Easter Message

I love Easter time. The weather is getting warmer, flowers and trees are starting to bloom, and everything is coming to life again. And of course we get to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the wonderful meaning of it.

I usually love to go to church on Easter Sunday because the message is so nice. Unfortunately today I am still sick so I only went to Sacrament Meeting and then came home with the baby. I think Nathan is not feeling well either because he slept even worse last night than normal, he just kept waking up and crying and crying. So he is asleep now and I'm going to lay down for a bit before Hubby and the boys come home.

Yesterday we took the boys to an Easter egg hunt. It went pretty well, except for the fire engine horn that blasted right by the little kid's section signaling the start and, in Jason's words, "Everybody was freaking out!" Jakey covered his ears and started crying, all the parents jumped, and the braver kids ran out to get first pick of the candy. It took almost a full minute to get Jakey calmed down enough to pick up the candy. And those of you who have gone to a city egg hunt know that they usually only last 1-2 minutes anyway. Luckily enough kids were sufficiently "freaked out" by the horn that there was still plenty of candy for Jakey once he got into it.

We stayed up late last night to get Easter eggs dyed. The boys had a good time and we've got some colorful eggs waiting in the fridge for later.

This morning we gave the boys their Easter baskets. We decided not to put a lot of candy in them this year, so they got a few eggs with candy, some puzzles, and coloring books. They really enjoyed their baskets and it's nice that there is not a ton of candy strewn all over the floor now. We gave Nathan an outfit that my brother and his wife bought for him months ago (thanks Josh and Nell!). We had to exchange it for a larger size and the store only had 6-9m and it was too big until now. It is adorable. We will get a picture of all the boys in their church clothes when they come home from church.

I also made yummy "Tomb Buns" from a recipe I saw linked from another blog. They didn't turn out quite like I'd hoped because I threw them in the oven before church and had to hurry back to get them out, so they cooked a few minutes longer than needed, plus most of them burst open spewing gooey cinnamon/sugar marshmallow cream all over the muffin tins and bottom of the oven. Did you know burning marshmallow smells just like burning plastic? But they are still really good and I plan to make this an Easter tradition.

We will be having a little egg hunt with the boys after church as well. Then, as long as I boiled the eggs right (seriously, I never know how to hard-boil an egg so I just guess when they are done), I will make deviled eggs with them to go with dinner. I am going to attempt to cook a ham with orange glaze. I say attempt because the last time I cooked ham not even the cats would eat it.

Now, I better go lay down if I want to get a little nap in before Hubby and the boys get home from church. Have a wonderful Easter day everyone!!!

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CrAzY Working Mom said...

Belated Happy Easter to you and yours! Those Tomb Buns sounds yummy. I might have to give them a try.