Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gloom and giggles

So today it is snowing. Yep, in the middle of April. I'm sure I've mentioned on here many times that I totally despise snow. Luckily it isn't sticking at all. It's been raining a little too. So it's not cold enough for a good snow, but too cold to let the boys out to play, which they have been begging for.

So it's gloomy and wet outside and I'm stuck inside with 4 ornery boys. Little D has been fussy the past 2 days, I think he might be teething again. Jason and Jacob just won't listen to me, especially when I tell them to "Be quiet because the baby is sleeping, and if you wake him up again I swear I will ground you to your room for a month! Are you listening to me?!" I'm pretty sure me yelling at them to be quiet is not helping the baby sleep either lol. Good thing Nathan is so laid-back and good most of the time.

But something put a smile on my face and got me into a better mood. First, the babies are both asleep right now, yay! Also, I was looking out the kitchen window and noticed a bird hopping around the still-unplanted garden. At first I thought he was looking for worms, but then I noticed he was trying to get some of the twine I used to section off my plots.
It was tugging and pulling for a good 2-3 minutes trying to get this twine to come loose, but it is tied down. I kind of felt sorry for the poor thing, I'm sure the twine would have been a good addition to it's nest, and it really wanted to get it loose. The whole thing looked so funny that I had to laugh and get some pics.
Yep, I'm easily amused.


~Cmac~ said...

Yeah, I was cursing the snow today too. Yek!

Mike said...

Still snowing in your part of the world? We have sunshine.

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Unknown said...

That is cute with the bird- that would so be my entertainment for the afternoon 2. It's suppose to snow her tonite- eww, I probably brought it with my wishful thinking of snow the other day. Don't let me do that again- it's stinkin middle of april.