Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday Madness

Boy, I'm tired! Daylight Savings Time just messes up my already crappy sleeping lol. I've been going to bed later since my body is used to going to bed at that hour, the hour has just changed, but I still have to get up the same time every morning.

One good thing so far is that it has hopefully changed Jakey's wake up time. He normally gets up around 6:30am when Hubby gets ready for work. On days I watch Little D I also get up that time, but on the days I don't I hate having to get out of bed that early. Well, this morning Jakey didn't get up until after 7:30, yay! It would be great if he keeps that up. It's much easier to get some stuff done in the morning before I have any kids to take care of.

We don't have any plans this week. I think. Except for Saturday when we are getting some new furniture! Last Saturday we went out and found a great new sectional couch and a bedroom set at RC Willey. We decided to use some of our tax return to get it. We have had an empty living room since we moved in 1 year ago, so now we can move our old couches to the living room and put the new sectional in the family room. I'm so excited, it is the most comfy couch every. Seriously. And all our bedroom furniture has either been handed down or bought at thrift stores, so I am so happy we will finally have a nice, new bedroom set. It's dark cherry wood and we got a sleigh bed, dresser w/mirror, and 2 nightstands. So we'll be spending Friday and Saturday moving furniture and cleaning carpets (cuz boy do they need it!), it'll be fun.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new furniture! I agree with you regarding DST. My sleeping pattern is all messed up, except I am waking up earlier! That doesn't make any sense!

~Cmac~ said...

New furniture! That is so fun and such a big deal. Enjoy it!

Michelle said...

New furniture is fun! I can't wait when I can come see it. You have pretty good taste. :D

I hope Jacob keeps his new wake up time too, 6:30 is way too early!