Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Comfy Couch

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. The time change has seriously screwed up my sleep and so I haven't been getting enough, which makes me just kind of pass through each day in a fog. Hopefully my body will adjust soon. :)

But in good news, we got our furniture today! I love it! We got this huge comfy sectional couch for our family room and a very nice bed set in our room. This morning I moved our old couches up to the living room, by myself, because Hubby had to take the van in for some repairs and I needed to get the family room cleaned out before the movers brought the new stuff. I bonked myself in the nose twice getting them up the stairs, but I managed it. And I moved around a bunch more stuff getting everything in the family room and our bedroom set up. Hubby says I'm Superwoman :D I was going to go running today cuz it was really nice out, but decided that my furniture moving was enough exercise for the day.

We also go our federal tax refund today and were able to pay off our credit cards, yay! Once we get our state refunds we will get the hospital bill paid off and that will be a couple debts paid off. I love getting out of the hole instead of further into it. :)

Anyway, I better head to bed soon. Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Michelle said...

Yay for new furniture! You'll have to post pictures so I can see them. :D

Yay for paying of credit cards!!

And NAY on the messed up sleeping schedule. :( I hope your body works itself out so you can sleep better.