Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birthday Boy!

My little boy turns 2 today! Where did the time go?! One day he was a baby and overnight he turned into an independent little boy. I don't know whether I'm happy or sad, I guess a little bit of both. I'm happy to see him growing and learning and all, but sad that the older he gets the less he will need his mommy. In a few years he'll go off to school, then he'll turn into a teenager who wants nothing to do with me, then he'll go off and get married and have babies of his own and I'll look back and wonder again where the time went.

We aren't doing anything special today, but we are having a small party for him on Saturday. My husband's family is coming and my friend and her little girls too. My family can't make it, but we are planning to go see them next weekend.


Michelle said...

Time does fly! I remember when we first met and you were only a few months pregnant. That was yesterday right? Happy birthday Jason!

Kate said...

Happy Birthday Jason! :)