Thursday, March 17, 2016

Some random picture updates

Since I haven't posted any updates in a while I'm just going to share some random pictures from the last month or so. 

Santa brought the kids a trampoline for Christmas and we were finally able to get it set up a few weeks ago when the weather warmed up enough. They have been loving it!

Rachel has so many dolls. Probably 20 or more. And when we put her to bed at night she wants her dollies to sleep with her. She will say, "More dolly," until we've found all the dolls in her room and piled them in bed with her. So adorable. :)

Apple pie I made for Pi Day (3/14) this year. Tasted about as good as it looked- good but not great lol. Next year I'm buying a pie.

A few days ago the twins were on a mess-making spree. Cereal everywhere- family room, kitchen, trampoline, deck. And other messes that made me question my sanity. But at least this one gave me a laugh. And luckily it was Crayola marker so it washed off easily.

Last night was Jacob's Pinewood Derby. He had a lot of fun, even though he didn't win. And to keep thing real here's a fun story. He painted his car. I, wanting it to look "nice", touched up his paint job and helped put the decals on. It looked pretty cool. Then I took it out to the garage to spray on some clear coat to keep it nice. I accidentally grabbed the white spray paint. Yep, totally ruined the hard work we'd already put in and had to spend the next hour fixing it. And the decals were ruined. So my "fixing" ended up making a big mess. Next year, no fixing, their cars can look perfectly imperfect. :)

Sweet, cute Mikey learned how to pull himself up in his crib a few months ago and was so dang proud of himself! Now he's pulling up and cruising all over the furniture.

About a month ago my husband took the older 3 boys to a Utah Jazz NBA game. I stayed home with the 4 little ones. They behaved pretty well and we had a movie night in my bed. And then when it was actually time to go to sleep they went crazy and ended up being put in their beds lol.

A neighbor taught a class on food storage, grains, and homemade bread and gave us all a start of natural yeast that is over 200 years old (as in the start was started over 200 years ago and has been kept going that long!). I've been making homemade bread every week since then. It is super easy and as long as I use and feed (water/flour) the start each week I never have to buy yeast. And a plus is that this natural yeast adds probiotics and breaks down gluten, so the bread is actually considered gluten free (only than 12 parts per million or something).

Mikey was proud of himself when he started pulling himself up. Not ready to stand alone yet, but he's getting there. He's 10.5 months old now.

I bought some Jamberry nail wraps a year or two ago and finally got around to trying the kid ones one Rachel. They were so cute and she kept saying, "Pretty!" Unfortunately they came right off a few hours later. I need to learn how to get them to stay on better.

Cuddles with my baby girl. She is so sweet. She loves to fill up bags and backpacks with random stuff and wear them around the house and pretend she's going somewhere.

Daddy was brushing her hair after bathtime one day. So sweet! A cute story I don't want to forget: One night Rachel was coughing really bad at bedtime. Nate was worried and went into her room and gently scooped her up and brought her to our bed. It was so sweet to watch. Of course then she was too hyper and all over the place and not going to sleep so she ended up back in her bed lol.

A neighbor from our old house was giving away this air hockey table for free so Nate went and got it. The kids had so much fun learning how to play. We also a few weeks later bought a ping pong table to go in our "game room" too.

We didn't get too much snow this year, though more than last year. But one of the snowy days the boys went out and made cute snowmen and had a snowball fight.

We took the kids to the open house for the new Provo City Center Temple. It was beautiful and the kids were really good. And no, Nate is not holding a baby lol, everyone thought it looked like he was.

I'd like to remember to post more, but we all know that I get busy and forget about my little blog here, and nobody really reads anyway. But I'll try. :)


Nora tamayo said...

Wow... again what a beautiful family. I'm glad I found your blog. I am a mom of two (soon to be three ) and came across your yahoo answer from a few years ago " how to not to lose my patients with my toddler " something of that matter. I read your answer and you linked your blog. It's 2:47 am right now and I couldn't sleep. I've been struggling so much with my 3 year old lately and your advice stood out to me . Please keep posting . And thank you for your advice. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family

Lex-a-roo said...

What a fun blog you have