Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Life is busy

I often forget about my poor little blog here. I used to be such a good little blogger, updating and posting pictures all the time. But the more kids I have, the lower on my priority list blogging has fallen. Here's a bit of an update for anyone who still actually reads my blog.

October 2014:

I'm going to skip back a bit further than my last update to a very important item that I didn't post. On October 10, 2014 my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly from a heart attack. Such a shock to the whole family. We spent a week up in Idaho with the inlaws for the funeral and to spend time together. It's still odd when we are there not to have him poke his head in the kitchen every morning to ask "Are the eggs on?", or to come in from his shop and turn the thermostat down that I've turned up just for me to turn it back up again when he goes back out, or calling the boys monkeys.

More pictures from October:

First pic of the new little one, just chilling.


November 2014:
Rachel at 15 months

Jason got his Bear, Jacob got his Bobcat

Nathan turned 6

Nathan lost his first tooth

December 2014:

We moved to our new home December 20th. Yep, right before Christmas. It was an insane, crazy time. The house was a disaster of a mess for weeks with all the moving and Christmas mess. But we found a place for everything and got settled in. The house is much bigger than our old home, which is great for our big family, but not so much for trying to keep it clean lol. Especially with me being pregnant and not having energy to keep up with everything. Oh, and we did get a white Christmas! Woke up to snow Christmas morning, which only lasted a few days.

Old home

New home


January 2015:

The boys started at their new school, which they love. I was worried they would have a hard transition but they made friends right away and love their teachers. We celebrated the twins 4th birthday too. We also had the warmest January weather I've ever experienced after the snow melted the first week. The kids were often playing outside in short sleeves.

On January 20th my husband's grandfather passed away. We had just seen him after Christmas a few weeks before and he seemed fine so it was a shock that he was gone. In 3 months my poor mother-in-law lost both her husband and father, which has obviously been difficult for her.We went up to Idaho again for his funeral.

Gorgeous views from our new home

Grandpa Farnsworth

Huge garage shelving project me, Nate, and my brother Ethan built

February 2015:

Although I have had a really easy pregnancy, in fact I hardly felt pregnant at all the first 4 months, I was again diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Even though I had expected it, it still sucked to get the official diagnoses and have to start the diet. I was actually diagnosed in January just before we went up to ID for grandpa's funeral, but I didn't start the diet until after we'd come back because I knew it would be hard to keep up with while out of town dealing with everything. February was a stressful mess because of it. Last pregnancy I had an easy time getting my blood sugar under control. Not so much this time. Took weeks of trial and error to figure out how to get my meal numbers down without cutting too many carbs, and even longer and more worry to get my fasting numbers down. I was really worried that I'd end up being put on meds, but luckily just before my next appointment they had started to stay more in range so I get to avoid meds for now.

Watching the Super Bowl. Patriots won!

Ice cream

28 weeks

March 2015:

Nothing much else going on except for  being pregnant and having a messy house lol. I get to start weekly appointments and NSTs now, which is a bit of pain working them around kids school schedules and the appointments being 30 minutes away. I am 32 weeks now and should probably start preparing stuff, but since the gender is a surprise this time and the GD makes the pregnancy pass so slowly, I haven't done anything yet. I plan to get some yarn this weekend so I can start on a crochet blanket for baby. Oh, and we bought a new 12 passenger van cuz we'll be outgrowing our minivan!

Beautiful "winter" day

New 12 passenger van

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