Friday, November 02, 2012

Could be worse

It's almost winter here. Not officially, but weather-wise. The weather has been getting colder, we had some freezing temps and a dusting of snow last week that killed off the rest of my garden (I have 2 boxes of green tomatoes inside that I hope will ripen). Amazingly we had temps in the 70s on Halloween which was awesome for trick-or-treating, but I know that won't last. I'm really dreading the cold and snow. Though I'm not going to complain too much about our weather after what the East coast is going through with the destruction of Hurricane Sandy. It affected millions along the East coast. Awful seeing the pictures from areas like New Jersey and areas of New York. It may have even affected business contracts attorney raleigh nc. No matter how much I dislike the cold and snow, I'm very glad to live in an area with very few natural disasters. Although we live by a big fault line we only have rare minor earthquakes. Because we are surrounded by mountains we rarely get tornadoes or other big storms. We are landlocked so no threat of tsunamis or hurricanes. I may have my complaints about Utah, but the lack of major natural disasters is a plus lol (*knock on wood*).

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