Sunday, October 30, 2011


This year we had a lot of pumpkins to carve. First, our family grew by two members and we like to have pumpkins even for the babies, and second we got 2 free pumpkins at a party last week. So 9 pumpkins and since we don't trust the kids with knives that meant that Hubby and I had to carve all those pumpkins. Jason and Jakey were in charge of cleaning out the guts and separating the seeds so I could try roasting them. Hubby did the most carving. I wish we had some actual pumpkin carving tools, or maybe box cutters would work better than steak knives. Both of us had sore hands by the time we were done but they turned out good. We let Jason and Jakey design the faces on their pumpkins. Nathan's is a Blue's Clue's pawprint because he loves that show. The babies' just have I and C. Hubby's is the great Idaho #1 one and mine is the BOO tower with a ghost on one side.

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