Sunday, October 30, 2011

Finding time to sew

I've been busy the last week, like always lol. But I finally had to get out my sewing machine again to make some costumes for my boys. I don't get a lot of chance to sew lately, but I didn't want to go spend money on costumes this year. Jason wanted to be a wizard, Jakey wanted to be a ghost, Nathan is luckily to young to really care what he is so he got to wear a Mario costume we already had, and I made the babies garden gnomes. So cute. I'll have to get a good pic of all of them together when they are dressed up tomorrow. I have a bunch of other projects on my sewing list but I don't see myself getting the time to do them any time soon. I do need to make a baby shower gift for a friend before Wednesday. Hopefully I can find time for that. I normally buy baby shower gifts, and these ones from look so cute, because I normally run out of time to make something. We'll see what I have time for this week!


charlottehackberry said...

Gasp! You're gonna make me something?! Unless there's someone else that is having a shower on the same day and now I just seem incredibly selfish.....But anyways, if you made me something I would be totally ecstatic!! I love getting things that are homemade because it inspires me :)

Kara said...

Well, if I can find time to sew, yep :) Unfortunately I can't actually go to the shower cuz I have class and can't miss it cuz I have a test :( But hopefully I can get something made and dropped off at Jenny's for you.