Friday, April 15, 2011

Being crafty

I joined a crafty sewing mom messageboard a few weeks ago and it has me wanting to make so many cute things. Unfortunately it's mostly cute girl stuff and I don't have any girls! Fortunately my SIL is having a baby girl next month so I got to try out some cute dresses.

This one is a pinafore with ruffle butt bloomers. The pattern was pretty simple, though it took me awhile to get the ribbon ruffle figured out. The straps are a little longer than I would do again, but overall it turned out really cute. I think it'll probably be about a 6 month size (I tried it on Caleb and it was big, and no I didn't get any pictures of that lol). And if I do bloomers again I'd make them a little bigger in the back, they aren't quite high enough.

And this little dress was so fun to make because it is just so cute, and the directions were very clear. It was my first time using piping and bias tape and it turned out so adorable. But tiny. I can only hope her little girl is as small as her first was and maybe it'll fit for a little bit. If I ever make another of these I'd probably put buttons or a zipper in back to make it easier to put on and use the bigger pattern size.

I've been wanting to make these tie onesies for awhile and I finally did. They were very cute like this but I had to add stitching around the edges because the iron on stuff looses it's effectiveness after washing and I didn't want it peeling and fraying. Unfortunately the stitching didn't go so well because the iron on stuff kept gumming up the needle. Good thing the cute babies make up for the poor stitching (this pic is before adding the stitching).

There are so many more things I want to make, but I just don't have the fabric! I want to make a boppy cover and a cover for my EZ2nurse pillow first, I just need to find some cute materials to use.

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Melissa said...

I love the purple dress and the tie shirts. Great job!