Saturday, February 20, 2010

Water- does a body good

Lately I've been drinking a ton more water than normal. I usually drink maybe 1 cup of water a day, if that, but Hubby's workplace is holding a healthy living contest and to help him earn points I get to participate too. So one way to get points is by drinking 64oz of water each day. It's not really too hard, but it sure has made the bathroom a place I see frequently. I've heard getting plenty of water can also help your skin look healthier and clearer, so that would be nice so I don't have to resort to something like glucomannan to clear up my acne. I actually crave water now if I haven't had any in a few hours. I keep a nice big mug of ice water by me at all times and usually I've drunk my 64oz by mid-afternoon. I'm a bit behind today since I slept in a bit later than normal, but I'm trying to finish up so I'm not up all night using the bathroom!

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