Saturday, February 06, 2010


I'm so excited to get our tax return soon. We are going to be replacing out carpet. It's dark green and old and has plenty of stains, so we are going to get something lighter colored but textured to be sturdy and hide stains. We're also going to replace the flooring in the bathrooms with tile. We plan to redo the kitchen floor next year. It's nice owning a home and being able to change things you want. One thing I'd love to work on at some point is the area in our family room that's cut out for a fireplace. Of course there isn't an Amish fireplace, or any type of fireplace, there but the area was built for it. What I want to do is build some built-in shelves and stuff. Right now we have a shelf for our videos there, but I think built-ins would look even nicer.

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