Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Family updates

It has been way too long since I've posted anything on here! This pregnancy has just flown by and we will be meeting our baby girl sometime in the next few weeks (hopefully soon!). I have pretty much everything ready and just really wish every day to go into labor. I'm exhausted and my body is ready to not be pregnant for a while lol.

Jason started 3rd grade this year. So far he is enjoying it. He had some problems last school year with crying and throwing fits in class. He is a bit immature for his age. So we had him on a smiley chart that his teacher would mark every day and that seemed to help. So far his teacher this year hasn't mentioned any issues, so I'm hoping that it will go better. I'm planning to take him in to get his eyes checked soon. Hubby and I both have bad eyesight and I've wondered if maybe part of Jason not paying attention very well has to do with not being able to see the front of the classroom clearly. So after the baby is born I want to get him in to check.

Jacob started 2nd grade and is also enjoying it. I was sad he didn't get Jason's teacher from last year, but she moved to another class so he got a new teacher but she is really nice. He is such a smarty pants and I hope he'll keep doing well and liking school.
Nathan will be continuing preschool at the developmental preschool for the 3rd year. I'm glad he still qualified because it's helped him a ton and because it's free and he gets bussed there. His speech delay is only minor now, he has improved so much and would probably do fine in a regular preschool, but I'm glad he'll continue to get help for this year. He starts back in a few weeks and is so excited. He has been sad that the older boys get to go to school and he doesn't.

Isaac. Oh boy, this little guy is such a troublemaker! The majority of the messes in our house are because of him. He is so active and into everything. He makes up for it by being too dang adorable to stay mad at. I love his curly hair. He loves to give hugs and kisses. He's also talking a ton lately and getting more understandable. Such a sweet boy.

Caleb is the little follower. If he makes a mess it's usually because he is watching Isaac lol. He smiles a ton with his huge smile and adorable dimples. He also gets quite the temper when he doesn't get his way, stomping around and yelling gibberish. He talks a lot too but most of it is not very understandable. He thinks my phone is his personal Netflix device and gets mad and yells, "Mine!" when I try to use it.

 Nate is doing great at work. He recently got promoted to a manager position which he likes, though it means he's working longer hours. It's hard on me when he doesn't get home until 7pm or later and I've had a long day with the kids, but I'm proud of how hard he works to support us.

A few months ago we upgraded our kitchen. It was crazy and messy for a month not having a working kitchen, but it looks so nice! We refaced the cabinets, got new quartz countertops, and new laminate wood floors. My school semester starts 2 weeks from tomorrow. I'm nervous to be going to school with just having a newborn right before, but it's the last 2 classes to get my Associate's Degree. I am so happy to finally have accomplished that! I plan to take a break for a year or two before continuing with my Bachelor's, because I've gotten burnt out with school and kids and all.
I am 37.5 weeks pregnant. Just ready to be done! And also scared that I've got to have a baby come out of me some time in the near future lol. But really excited to hold her and see what she looks like and have fun dressing her in the adorable girl clothes I finally get to use.

There's a lot more that has gone on this year that I need to catch up on, but I figured I should at least get a little update in about everyone. :) Hopefully at some point I can do a monthly recap with more pictures.

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