Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Nap time

You know what the most relaxing part of my day is? Nap time. Not my nap time (hah!) but the twins' nap time. It's the one part of the day that I can actually get anything accomplished without interruption. I usually use it to do dishes and clean up the kitchen a little. Sometimes if I just need to rest I will lay on the couch for a bit or finally get a shower. Today I'm looking forward to my shower. Sometimes I just can't wait until nap time and just throw the babies in the shower with me, but it's far from relaxing with them pulling all the shampoo, body wash, shaving cream, etc off the shelf the whole time. I have to watch where I step, keep them from slipping, and then everyone dry and dressed again is a pain. So it's just much nicer if I can shower during their nap time. Since they napped late this morning I've got to wait just a little longer before they'll go down for their afternoon nap. At least I can still count on their 2 naps a day, it'll be harder when they switch to just 1 a day.

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