Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Eureka! um, I mean Dyson!

When we got our tax return this year we started to plan for the kitchen remodel we are doing in a few months. Most of the tax money is going towards that, but there were a few other things we have been wanting as well. One of those things was a new vacuum. Our trusty old Eureka has actually held up pretty well for almost 9 years, considering it was just $60 and the most we could afford at that point. But it is starting to show it's age. So we have retired it to the upstairs rooms that don't need vacuumed as often. We spent a few days shopping around online (seriously, I love online shopping! Finding the best jewelry deal of the day or closeout price or auction item is sooo easy!) and came across a refurbished Dyson that was about $150 cheaper than a new one. Let me tell you, the first time I vacuumed with it I was disgusted by the amount of dirt it sucked up that my babies have been crawling around on. My poor old vacuum just hadn't had the suction power to get all that up. It's so nice having a new vacuum and feeling like my floors are getting cleaner than before.

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